Media Relations, Rapid Response, Messaging


Kira Wojack is a PR Strategist who specializes in creating narratives, connecting people, and crafting campaigns. She has experience writing press releases and media pitches for clients from Los Angeles to London. She has worked with tech startups, filmmakers and awards ceremonies and lifestyle brands. Her clients have been featured in media outlets around the world, including Motherboard (Tech by Vice), VentureBeat, TechCrunch, the Adweek blog,, InformationWeek, SC Media and industry podcasts. In addition, as a business development advisor, she helps small businesses set their messaging, determine their brand identities and develop marketing and PR strategies. She graduated with a BA in history from Yale University, where she wrote her thesis on dissident communication. 

2013 - Seven Creative

We made our first commercial website

2014 - Local Business Conference

International Web Design Agency / Developer Award Winner

2017 - Awwwards

Site of the day - lorem ipsum dolor glavrida

2020 - Small Business Awards

Project is featured in "Best 10 Websites" section.


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