You want to shape the future of tech. We help you get there.

You have a great solution to a pressing problem. Now what?

You’ve already solved the product part of the equation – you solved that problem, and you found a solution no one else has. But now there’s another problem: how do you communicate that to the media and a target audience with varying levels of technological fluency?

That’s where we come in.



We work with companies to develop, improve and evolve your messaging. Our process gets to the heart of your value proposition and matches it with important customer needs or opportunities in a way that resonates. We help you break through the noise, using competitive messaging to support sustainable positioning in the public’s mind. We get prospective customers and industry influencers to ask the right questions – and to see what’s possible.

Our process is designed to work with you: we can build off of the messaging your company already has or create it from the ground up. We blend internal insight with external perceptions to address customer needs and concerns, competitive voices and market dynamics. Having a strong technological aptitude and an unbiased ability to understand markets and customers enables us to deliver a meaningful message that delves deep into the heart of the issues facing your target audience.

Media Relations

We know what it takes to get a story out there, and we connect you with the right set of media to help you tell your story credibly and with maximum impact. We love to see our clients in the news – and shaping the news – and we have the experience and relationships to help you get there. Our job is to get you in front of the right reporters, podcast hosts and influencers to help you drive the conversation and get coverage.

We make the connections that count and introduce reporters to you and your work, ensuring that you build a media following and lasting relationships with journalists. With the right media relations strategy, reporters will come to see you as a valued, responsive and reliable source with a great story to tell – and they may even become passionate advocates for your vision.

Social Media

We work with you to develop a social media strategy that will position you and your brand as leaders in your industry while maximizing your coverage. Our carefully coordinated campaigns ensure that every one of your posts helps establish your brand, expertise and vision while connecting directly with your target audience.

Whether you are looking for an advisor to help your social team with competitor analysis, posting strategy and brand messaging or you need us to build your program from the ground up, we’re here to help.

Rapid Response

When breaking news hits, reporters – and their readers and listeners – want to hear from experts like you. Commenting on top stories helps share your knowledge, raise brand awareness and build relationships with reporters at top media outlets. We monitor developing stories and field reporter queries to ensure that you are always staying top of mind with your target market and leading important industry conversations

We work with you to identify topics and trends you can share insightful commentary on, and we help you make connections with key reporters who will turn to you as a trusted source for stories, now and in the future, on the important issues facing your industry and target market.

Content Marketing

We specialize in content that captures attention and resonates with your audience. By speaking to your market’s needs, frustrations and goals, we help you establish a connection with your readers and create a deeper understanding of the issues – and the solutions you offer. We help clients with everything from website copy to blogs to white papers to e-books, all with your end goals in mind.

Our content converts into sales and loyal advocates while establishing your thought leadership, going beyond lead gen to build trusted relationships with industry influencers, media and end users alike.

Media Training

Need to get camera-ready? We’ve got you covered. No, we don’t offer hair and makeup services, but we do ensure that your key spokespeople have the right training to nail interviews with press, industry influencers and broadcast media. From messaging sessions with your executive team to communications workshops that drill down into the details, from body language to spoken language, we’ll show you how to express your ideas effectively.

Our media trainers come from broadcast news reporting backgrounds, so they know all the tricks to making sure you come across looking your best. This service is a great fit for anyone on your team who needs to learn to communicate with confidence or hone their public speaking skills so that the audience can focus on your message.


Our Business Model​

Our unique agency business model and non-traditional PR structure keep us nimble and enable us to deliver PR that scales with your needs. Our flexible structure of experienced professionals helps us stay agile and responsive so that we can ensure you’re getting consistent, meaningful results.


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