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About Us

At Merritt & Rose Communications, we are seasoned tech PR and communications professionals. We come from journalism, corporate communications and content marketing backgrounds that enable us to distill a compelling, meaningful story and get you in front of the reporters best suited to tell it. We use our technology aptitude, messaging and storytelling expertise, media relationships and knowledge of the startup ecosystem to help shape and condition markets.

We primarily work with early-stage cybersecurity and emerging tech startups, but we also work with any client with a game-changing technology or market-changing strategy looking to reshape the industry as you take your startup from vision to household name.

We love the passion and excitement of companies that have technologies that are poised to make a difference and solve some of the most pressing problems facing business and society.

But technology without a story, without how it solves a problem, does not answer the question of why people should care. We help develop the right stories to connect with your audience and the media, conveying the importance of your technology in real-life, problem/solution terms that will resonate with people while demonstrating the revolutionary potential of your work. We love seeing the results of a great campaign and knowing we have played a part in bringing your company’s innovations to a larger audience.


The Leadership Team

Here are a few of the people you’ll be working with when you engage Merritt & Rose Communications

Our Client Experience

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